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things i’m going to miss about uni

Now that I’m coming into my last six weeks at uni, I’m thinking a lot about the things I’m going to miss. I’ve genuinely loved the last three years, and I don’t feel ready to graduate. Especially with so much of my uni experience being hampered by the pandemic, I’m already feeling starting to miss things.

I don’t want to waste my last few weeks already living in nostalgia though, so I thought I’d take a leaf out of one of my favourite childhood books (Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, in case you were wondering) and make a list of all the things I’m going to miss, to take out and look at when I’ve graduated, safe in the knowledge I’ve not forgotten anything. Fair warning: I’m almost definitely going to romanticise pre-COVID uni, but who’d choose clear lenses when they could be rose-tinted?

getting absolutely smashed on £11 is a student skill I’m proud to have honed
  1. Living within a five minute radius of most of my close friends.
  2. Turning a hard-working-study-sesh on campus into watch-netflix-have-a-nap-get-a-coffee-catch-up then rewarding ourselves for six hours in the library (regardless of how productive they were) with a table full of carbs in the student bar.
  3. Sprinting to the Guild on a Saturday night in the pouring rain, with a binbag over our heads because a coat would just ruin the vibe (no wonder I always had a cold…)
  4. Walking past the pub on my way home from the library and deciding to pop in for a pint, even though it was only 4pm.
  5. Checking every student discount app before any decision could be made on where to eat or what takeaway to get.
  6. Surviving almost solely off of Costa paninis for the first term of my first year because I was too scared to tackle the salad bar.
  7. Always going to the supermarket with my best friend – the vibes in Morrisons at 6pm on a Monday evening are as close to a night out as I’ve got for the last year.
  8. Saturday house meals followed by Gogglebox and shitty Saturday night TV, then staying up chatting shit or watching random YouTube videos till 1am.
  9. Meeting my friend’s housemates for the first time and being instantly adopted into their household.
  10. Being able to persuade at least one housemate to get Papa John’s on any given day.
  11. Doing one hour of hockey training and following it up with a well-deserved four hours in the pub, then wondering why I feel so rough for my 10am lecture the next day.
  12. Meal deals from 24 hour Tesco Express on the way home from the club on a Saturday night (cocktail sausages hit different at 4am).
  13. Getting into bed at 4am on a Saturday night, then playing hockey at midday the next day and somehow not throwing up before going back to the pub to do it all again.
  14. Doing the same three walks on repeat every week because there was nothing else to do for so long and now it’s like muscle memory.
  15. Descending on the park at the top of the road with a disposable bbq and tinnies at the slightest hint of sunshine, even if it’s 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.
  16. Getting Deliveroo to the library at 9pm when the alcohol comes out in the study session because it’s the only place we can legally socialise.
  17. Everyone on the group chat saying they were nearly ready at 9pm when pres were meant to start half an hour ago and everyone’s still in bed after their pre-night out nap.
  18. Playing Tension at pres so many weeks in a row we ended up knowing half the cards off by heart.
  19. Playing Psych! with people you don’t know that well and everyone looking at each other to try and gauge what level of brutal it’s okay to be.
  20. The view of Old Joe (the tallest freestanding clocktower in the world!!) as you walk up the steps onto campus.
  21. Telling people from other unis that your uni has the tallest freestanding clocktower in the world.
  22. Impromptu sleepovers with friends after nights out when going home is just too much effort.
  23. Running up and down the corridor comparing outfits with my housemates when I really should be ready already.
  24. Trying to put together sports night costumes that aren’t totally awful but also don’t require too much effort or buying anything extra because I really don’t care that much.
  25. Playing cricket with a barbecued Bourbon biscuit and a Nike slider in the park.
  26. Sledging on an IKEA bag because we didn’t have the forethought to Amazon Prime actual sledges.
  27. Arranging to meet a friend to walk into campus at 8:45am and waking up to text each other deciding you both need another half hour in bed.
  28. Going to the garden centre to look at plants at the first hint of any sadness.
  29. The Costa hand sanitiser smelling so strongly of tequila it causes an automatic gag reflex.
  30. Going to the pub and everyone you know is there and it’s just so great because when else are you going to have so many of your closest friends all together at the same time?
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