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things i’m going to miss about uni

Now that I’m coming into my last six weeks at uni, I’m thinking a lot about the things I’m going to miss. I’ve genuinely loved the last three years, and I don’t feel ready to graduate. Especially with so much of my uni experience being hampered by the pandemic, I’m already feeling starting to miss […]

i’m scared of graduating

It’s really hard to get my head round the fact that I’ve nearly finished my degree. I have three weeks left of lectures, 10 weeks left of my degree, and about 11 left on my student house tenancy. Or, to count it down in another way, 8000 words left of assignments til I’m free. My […]

some thoughts about sarah everard & sexual harassment

TW: rape, murder, sexual harassment & assault I feel a bit like by writing this I’m just contributing to the overwhelming mass of noise in the media at the moment. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. This needs to be talked about, and I have a lot of emotions to process at the moment. […]

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